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How To Use Social Media To Break Into Tech

Will Johnson

January 02, 2020

Part 1: Document Your Journey

This is the first step and probably the hardest, people say to me all the time that they feel like their tweets are pointless. I understand you have no followers, no tweets, no “original” ideas you feel like you’re wasting your time. Everyone feels that way when they first start, I felt that way, heck I still feel that way when I tweet something!

Know this someone is ALWAYS watching I know that sound creepy but it’s true, you will never know who will see what your doing and not say anything to you. Understand, this isn’t about likes, followers, or retweets! Those things are fine but the’re not going to get you the job you want.

The first step is just documenting what you’re doing, learning, reading etc. This will help you build a backlog to show that you’re serious learning development and changing careers. I’ve seen this work people time and time again. A good example is Kyle Shook (, he was posting these amazing CSS animations and designs on Twitter and he ended up getting contacted by a company in his area for a job!

I know what you’re thinking that won’t work for me, I don’t have skills etc, etc. It doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. What you want to focus on is showing to the world that you’re eager to learn and that you have consistency, are resilient and most important WHO YOU ARE as a person not just a resume with a list of your skills and buzzwords like ambitious detail-oriented, passionate developer . This will get you past the gatekeepers and people who can say no because they don’t know you from the next black and white 12 pt font resume.

On social media you get to tell a story, YOUR story! Father of 6 who learned how to code after 12 hour shifts, single mother learning to code at 2am when her toddler is sleep, etc. We all have a unique story that makes us human. Something that we push past when the odds seemed stacked against us.

I used to post almost everyday at 4:30am a picture of my laptop and what I was learning on Teamtreehouse every morning, on my lunch break, and at night, I built a reputation and proof of what I was doing, I didn’t have to tell anyone I was working hard they could see it. So if you’re taking a course on udemy, snap a pic of the screen and post the topic you’re learning. If you’re reading a book post a pic of the page or chapter you’re reading and post it on Twitter. If you build something even like a basic like an all HTML page please post it! Went to a meetup take a pic and post it!

START NOW! We have this illusion that we have to wait until everything is absolutely perfect. People want to see the process and progression. You go from posting h1 tags to React apps that communicate with APIs that’s a major come up! That journey will impress the people who’ve been on that path and felt the same things you were feeling on that journey.

For a long time you will feel like this is a waste of time and that this all means nothing, that is totally normal, but one day when you least expect it you’ll get a DM from someone who noticed you’re work and it will snowball from there!

If you have been applying for jobs and not getting calling callbacks or getting told you don’t have any experience you can get around all that by using social media to build a network with strong relationships with people in tech. It will allow you to bypass the resume rejection.

Don’t get me wrong I got a ton of referrals through Twitter that didn’t pan out, ones that seemed REALLY promising and still got turned down but 1 DM changed my life and I got my job at egghead from everything I was doing on Twitter, and the relationship that was built.

You can do that to! You can meet cool people who want to help you and build a relationship with them.

Action Steps:

Right now post a pic or screenshot of something you learned recently. Post it on Twitter/Instagram or Linkedin with a short summary.**

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