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🗂️ Create a model in Ruby on Rails

To store data in Ruby on Rails you use a model (The M in MVC). Models communicate with the database of the site. To make a model with the attributes of name and email in the command line type Notice that the User model is singular. There are two optional parameters, name:string and email…

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Ruby on Rails Basics Make Your First Rails Resource

Ruby on Rails is very powerful framework even more powerful than I thought. When I created my first resource using a feature called scaffolding it was so easy I wasn't actually sure what I did. So I'm going to demystify what happens when you create a resource. A resource is something that users can…

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How To Use Social Media To Break Into Tech

Part 1: Document Your Journey This is the first step and probably the hardest, people say to me all the time that they feel like their tweets are pointless. I understand you have no followers, no tweets, no “original” ideas you feel like you’re wasting your time. Everyone feels that way when they…

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