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What Are Symbols in Ruby on Rails?

What is a symbol in Ruby? The syntax for symbols is a colon then a word :symbol In Ruby on Rails it's common for symbols to be used to identify methods, instance varibles and hash keys For… Read Article →

What Are Instance Variables in Ruby on Rails?

In Ruby instance variables start with the @ sign If you create a variable inside of a class, it's not available to every method in that class. In order to access the contents of batman… Read Article →

What Is Embedded Ruby?

Embedded Ruby aka ERb. is a templating system that Ruby on Rails uses to show dynamic content on your website. ERb files end in a .html.erb or .erb file type. You can write HTML and plain… Read Article →

What are helpers in Ruby on Rails

In Ruby on Rails helpers are methods that let you have reuseable code that can be used in different the views of your app. Rails has some built-in helpers like stylesheet_link_tag to link… Read Article →

Intro to CSS Variables

In CSS you can use variables to store information and reference it later in your app using the variable name. This make writing CSS a lot easier, because it cuts down on having to type the… Read Article →

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