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How Does The Model Interact With The Database In Ruby on Rails

02 Sep 2020

You may understand that you can use a generator to create a Model. You also understand that the generator also cre...

How Does Strong Params Work In Ruby on Rails

27 Aug 2020

If you’re following a Rails tutorial you’ve probably seen some code like this in a controller:

Active Record Validations Basics

29 Jul 2020

You can add validations to our Rails model files to make sure that only correct data gets saved to the database. F...

Active Record Associations Basics

22 Jul 2020

Associations are the way you tell Rails how models are related to each other in the database. Think of a blog site...

Add Devise To Rails for User Authentication

15 Jul 2020

Devise is a Ruby Gem that is used for User Authentication in Rails Apps. It handles sign-in, sign-out, password se...

Add Real Time Chat To Rails with ActionCable

08 Jul 2020

ActionCable is feature of Ruby on Rails that brings in the usage of websockets. With it you can build cool things ...

What Are Partials in Ruby on Rails?

21 Apr 2020

Partials in Ruby on Rails keeps from writing the same code over and over again in your views. If you had a new blo...

What Are Symbols in Ruby on Rails?

20 Mar 2020

The syntax for symbols is a colon then a word :symbol

In Ruby on Ra...

What Are Instance Variables in Ruby on Rails?

01 Mar 2020

In Ruby instance variables start with the @ sign

What Is Embedded Ruby?

22 Feb 2020

Embedded Ruby aka ERb. is a templating system that Ruby on Rails uses to show dynamic content on your website.


What are helpers in Ruby on Rails

20 Feb 2020

In Ruby on Rails helpers are methods that let you have reuseable code that can be used in different the views of y...

Create a model in Ruby on Rails

30 Jan 2020

To store data in Ruby on Rails you use a model (The M in MVC). Models communicate with the database of the site.

Make Your First Rails Resource

15 Jan 2020

Ruby on Rails is very powerful framework even more powerful than I thought. When I created my first resource using...

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